Why 14 Days Have To Be True Yogi, Even If You Start From Scratch

Why 14 Days Have To Be True Yogi, Even If You Start From Scratch: Despite all the physical and mental benefits of daily yoga practice, work obligations, regular exercise routines and noble television habits, if you squeeze the mat once a week, not to mention the 14 days, you are lucky enough to run.

But if we tell you that 14 is really a magic number that translates your yoga practice into the record you want (instead of when you feel pain due to a spin class or have the remaining ClassPass credits).

This is the logic behind Commune’s “National Yoga” course, which invites users to absorb the entire Zen atmosphere in the two-week online yoga course (free!) Directed by YouTube superstar Adriene Mishler.

“Sweating someone (even digitizing) creates a special connection.”

According to Jeff Krasno, co-founder and CEO of Commune, the course is designed for your practice to start quickly, whether you’ve placed it on the carpet for years or for a long time.

“I like the idea that hundreds of thousands of people around the world are involved in the journey of change,” Krasno said. “Becoming a member of any community is more important than ever, as a society, we are eager to connect and belong, to find a place of trust, where we can be vulnerable, to sweat with someone (even digitally) will produce a special connection.”

Scroll down to see how the yoga course is going down, and the course is expected to be a way to change the rules of the game.
adriennePIN IT is a community yoga challenge
How to run
To start National Yoga Month, starting September 10, participants in the course will receive a daily email to guide them to participate in the yoga practice video of the day. You can access the video at any time during the day or anywhere (noon yoga, anyone?) Mishler will guide you through the 20-minute open course, designed to allow everyone from yoga beginners to inverted teachers.

In addition to the video, you can also visit the community section of the Commune website, where you can connect with other yogis, because you will never have the benefit of exercising too much.

adriennePIN IT is a community yoga challenge
What does it do for you?
“First, this is Adriene,” Krasno said (pointing). “She just opened the door to everyone in a special way, warm and warm, she made yoga feel terrible or inaccessible.” Basically, if you are looking for a jumping point for a yoga trip, then this course is for you. And ready.

“If we can involve more people in [yoga], then I think we will have a healthier society.”

Second, this is a legitimate way to expand your network of fitness enthusiasts. “Commune has created a platform that allows people to identify and connect with people who live near them, and also participate in the National Yoga Program,” Krasno said. “Our goal is to get passionate people to create local meetings in their cities around these shared practices.”

Third, you can get regular results for two weeks. “Yoga provides such powerful power, flexibility and concentration, it relieves stress and helps people fall asleep,” Krasno said. “If we can involve more people in the practice, then I think we will have a healthier society.” What do you not like?

adriennePIN IT is a community yoga challenge
Why choose a commune?
Before the establishment of Commune, Krasno was looking for a way to help people connect their personal health with general social welfare. He saw how his wife used her yoga studio near Ground Zero to help people after September 11 and wanted people to receive treatment worldwide.

“When society is not healthy, it is not enough to focus on our own personal health,” he said. “We need to bring our healthiest and best being to our community and participate and improve.”

From there, he and his co-founders were inspired to create a platform through which people can connect with each other to support and develop a healthier world. But to ensure that everyone can receive treatment, the design of the commune revolves around a democratized yoga method (hence the name of the national yoga curriculum).

“I want people to discover the gems of wisdom, new and inspiring ideas and good practices that they can apply to their lives,” he said. “I hope everyone will bring yoga to the high-end center, plant a community garden and introduce meditation, I hope we can be part of a global health campaign that can help heal society from scratch.”

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