Three Muscle Supplements That Waste Money Completely

Three Muscle Supplements That Waste Money Completely: Supplements are the bread and butter of many companies that give you magical results overnight. They promise to make you slimmer by selling weight loss pills and eliminating fat gain over the years in a few weeks. If you show up your magic pills, they promise to keep you strong for 21 days. Something after the appearance of Captain America has been strengthened since the capsules after the alleged treatment. There is already an article written in the supplement “SOLO” that you need.

In this article, I will present three of the best selling “muscle building” supplements and why they are wasting money.

Branched chain amino acids
Three muscle supplements that waste money completely

Branched chain amino acids or BCAAs are considered the holy grail of muscle building and recovery. You will see this pink alien urinal in the giant gallon pot of the bodybuilder that surrounds the gym. What are BCAAs? They are “essential” amino acids. Essential is the keyword here, because your body can not produce them yourself. One of them, called leucine, is responsible for activating the mTOR muscle building pathway. The role of supplements now is to supplement filling defects in your diet. If you are taking enough protein, you do not need BCAA because you consume BCAA to consume enough protein.

If you do not get enough protein, it is better to add proteins instead of BCAA because it has been shown that isolated BCAAs have a negative impact on muscle accumulation.

2. HMB
Three muscle supplements that waste money completely

HMB is a metabolite of the amino acid leucine, which is said to reduce the rate of muscle breakdown and reduce pain. After further research, these statements seemed boring, because HMB did not even have a slight advantage in untrained and exercised populations compared to placebo.

Other studies have also found that supplementation with HMB does not have a statistically significant effect on muscle growth or the prevention of muscle pain.

Three muscle supplements that waste money completelt
Like BCAAs, glutamine exhibits positive health benefits in terms of intestinal health. In this article, we are talking about supplements and muscle growth. Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid (which must be supplemented in some cases). For muscle building, studies have consistently shown that glutamine has no benefit in terms of increasing strength, establishing or maintaining lean body mass or reducing muscle catabolism compared to placebo. Also, if you are taking enough protein, glutamine has no beneficial effect on muscle building.

So, if your goal is to build muscle, you may want to save money without buying these supplements. Instead, read these two articles:

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Pratik Thakkar is co-founder and director of the online fitness company GetSetGo Fitness. He is seen as a person who can easily understand the process, put things in the right environment and provide science-based advice for physical fitness.

Try Pha Training To Build Muscle And Burn Fat In Just 10 Minutes

Try Pha Training To Build Muscle And Burn Fat In Just 10 Minutes: To burn body fat, you must increase your heart rate. To increase its size, you must exert enough pressure on the main muscle groups. These two goals seem to be mutually exclusive, so many people think that it is impossible to lose fat and increase muscles at the same time, so take a long break or take a prolonged break (very suitable for developing muscles instead of burning fat ) o Do a lot of aerobic exercise (helping to get into the burned fat is not enough heat, but it is destructive to the development of large and full muscles.

But there is a solution called Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) training. This is a circuit workout that alternates between the upper and lower part of the body, allowing your heart and lungs to work overtime, back and forth between the extremities, and your muscles get a solid stimulation. Test the size of this session.

How to exercise
Do six bar exercises in sequence, adhere to the detailed delegates and do not rest until you complete all the representatives of the sixth and last mobile circuit. Take a break for two minutes and repeat the circuit. A total of four circuits are made.

1 front

When standing, the hips are separated in width, holding the bar across the front of the shoulder and the upper arm parallel to the floor. Keep your chest and elbows up, bend your hips and knees, kneel as low as possible and stand up.

2 air presses

Starting from the top of the front saucer, the crossbar in front of the shoulder, but the elbow points downward. Press the lever straight until your arms are straight and locked at the elbows. Lower the bar to the starting position.

Press the pointer on your last head and place the rod behind the head so that it rests on the upper part of the posterior shoulder. Keep your chest and base occupied, take a big step back with one foot, lower quickly and then return to the starting point.

4 curved rows

Lift the lever back and turn the elbow to lower the lever to the starting position of the line. Front hinge from the hip – keep the core engaged – then lift the bar up to the body and guide with the elbows.

Press the lever back and place it on your head so that it rests on your shoulder. Keep the chest and base occupied, bend the knees and hips as low as possible and then stand up.

6 high
Lift the rod forward and over the head so that you can stand with your right arm and rest the rod against the upper part of the thigh. Enter a squat room, then raise the ankles and stretch the knees and hips three times as the elbows advance.